Doorway to Forgiveness

Dulled by time, the dusty door

coated from years of holding back

nailed shut, painfully impassable

darkness left sealed for so long

you can’t remember it ever being open.


Bewildered frustration, heat rises

sweat drips down your chest

fury and defeat of stones tied to feet.

This emotional cycle circles through

each day as you stand before it.


Maybe it isn’t possible to reopen

you are so small.


But look

you still hold the hammer in your hand

the key dangles from your back pocket.


© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

In honor of Forgiving Fridays on Forgiving Connects


10 thoughts on “Doorway to Forgiveness

  1. I loved the last part of this one! I do think we hold the key to moving forward, even when we think that door is sealed shut forever and the control belongs to others. It’s empowering to realize that!

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  2. I like the bit of twist at the end. I wonder if sometimes we’re so caught up in our own thoughts or doubt about ourselves so much that we forget about what we’ve got…or are just a little bit stupid at times. Or maybe egoistic. Or we simply get caught up in our emotions and feel overwhelmed that we lose sight of the main picture. Wonderfully written, Alicia 🙂

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    1. Mabel, thank you for your reflection. I have learned that sometimes it seems like another is causing me pain but the truth is I am the cause. This is uncomfortable to realize but it also leaves me with the power to change things.

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