She lived in a dented silver trailer

plainly, without shine inside and out.

The window view of sea

filled her need for decoration.


Constant rhythm of wave reassurance

ever evolving color of cloud, mist, fog

always filled her with belonging.


Passersby with lipfrowning judgement

downcast look of sadness at her dwelling

would never know her truth.


She had found her community of paradise

between wind and simplicity.


© Ali Grimshaw 2018



Life is short …



My poem, Visiting With Chaoshas been published today on Vita Brevis. This literary magazine is dedicated to revive and nourish the rich existential literature that forms when art and the human endeavor collide. Thank you Vita Brevis for supporting the community of writers.  Through poetry we can calm our minds, share the human experience and laugh together to keep our sanity. Life is short, poetry helps make the most of it.

An additional thank you to Carl who first published this poem on  Versewrights .

Make it a beautiful day.




Leaf Man


He brings me leaves, one each day
a contrast in shape
varied vibrancy, coral to ripe peach
left on the kitchen counter
until evening arrives at our window.

Held in his palm, this single
donation, color story of today.
Our eyes meet the wrinkles, textured hues, imperfect edges.
Our hands hold a temporary prize between us
a cherishing.

Trees give without expecting
something in return. Thankfully,
so does he.

© Ali Grimshaw 2016

May you find someone to share the beauty of nature with today. Happy Thanksgiving.



How do you capture

a lifetime of fatherhood

put it down on the page?


Your voice in times of doubt

your hand on my shoulder

your cup always half full.


Yet, it wasn’t what you said

year after year that I remember most

you stood beside

you held up others

you lead with love.


You showed me.


Dedicated to my dearly loved father, Thomas Jenkins, who has fathered many over the years as an educator and coach. No words will ever be enough to tell you how much I love you.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017