When change comes …

Waking to a foreign experience

like a transplanted language

that spread through the city while I slept.

I used to trust myself to know the way

right turn, then straight, always on course.

Within my country, I thought I knew where I was.

Now my GPS offers no help. No translation available.

Consistent landscape. Buildings in place

yet unrecognizable to my inner navigation.

My compass now cracked, unable to orient

true North now lies

inside me.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Discovery Challenge – Conventional Wisdom









The end inside the beginning.


Before the first wobbly

arms outstretched,

slightly unbalanced step,

the last step already exists.

Trip, fall, hill sliding imbalance

scarred knees, bandaged palms

concussions to consciousness,

where the living happens

white knuckles clutch to collapse

navigate with your internal compass

peel your fingers from cold metal

stray from the railing.

© Ali Grimshaw

Weekly Photo Challenge – Path

In this coming year, 2017, I plan to be braver, to make my own new path and trust in the journey of contribution to others. I hope this poem inspires you to believe in new possibilities for yourself.  I have a ready ear for anyone who wants to share their new path into 2017.

Title inspired by an article posted on  bboxproductionsblog – Thank you!