When change comes …

Waking to a foreign experience

like a transplanted language

that spread through the city while I slept.

I used to trust myself to know the way

right turn, then straight, always on course.

Within my country, I thought I knew where I was.

Now my GPS offers no help. No translation available.

Consistent landscape. Buildings in place

yet unrecognizable to my inner navigation.

My compass now cracked, unable to orient

true North now lies

inside me.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Discovery Challenge – Conventional Wisdom









11 thoughts on “When change comes …

  1. Beautiful, Ali. This is how I feel, too. Thank you for putting it to words so lovely and fragile yet strong. You’re right about that inward compass, I think. More and more often I find myself shutting off the shouting of the world and finding that inner place of peace with hope of direction. However, it is lonely at times, kind of a solitary navigation. Hopefully you manage to navigate around That : ) Wishing you peace, sending you hope ~ Peri

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    1. Peri,
      I really appreciate reading your reflection and I am glad to hear that my words resonated with you. I love sending out a poem to the world and seeing where it lands. Glad to hear from you. Wishing you peace and a day of light. Ali

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  2. So relevant to the times at hand – I appreciate you putting words to some of what I feel. And, also, I can see this poem being relevant to MANY life experiences!

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  3. I love it! When the world becomes crazy and unrecognizable, step back and look to your internal compass. It is the most powerful and most important compass that we possess. We need that now more than ever before.
    Beautifully written Ali!

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