When change comes …

Waking to a foreign experience

like a transplanted language

that spread through the city while I slept.

I used to trust myself to know the way

right turn, then straight, always on course.

Within my country, I thought I knew where I was.

Now my GPS offers no help. No translation available.

Consistent landscape. Buildings in place

yet unrecognizable to my inner navigation.

My compass now cracked, unable to orient

true North now lies

inside me.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Discovery Challenge – Conventional Wisdom









Stronger? Without a doubt.


She knew what must be done

while fear sliced through her

cutting deeply

unwavering was her stance.

she had learned

pain was only temporary

what mattered was

her soul

was in one piece.

© Ali Grimshaw



Walking into the Future

“Let yourself be silently drawn
by the deeper pull of what you
truly love.” – Rumi


What is calling you forth?

If you cannot see that vision of your future self

follow that which brings you to life

where tears of feeling pool in your eyes

your heart so full that

even the water from the faucet

flows out in slow motion.

© Ali Grimshaw