Fall Will Catch You – a poem by Ali Grimshaw


Painted leaves sing in unison
Unlike music, their song
is soundless harmony.

This orchestra of color
soothes the tempo
an internal pounding

from a day of instruments
that refused to play
the same song.

Fall catches me
with muted volume
a serenade of equilibrium.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2018


Let me



I will sing you comfort when your voice forgets the notes.

I will sing you a clearing to feel the warmth on your back.

I will sing you courage for days when you need to hear the music again.

I will sit in silence listening to your song

when you have forgotten it exists.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2018

Something you can count on.

The sky

it is never not there

will not leave a note goodbye

to disappear in the night.

Serenely blue, growl of gray

watercolored clouds a tumble

dependably ever-changing, yet

never forsaking.

When the curtain goes up at sunrise

a steadfast performance

worthy of an audience.

Don’t miss the show.

No tickets necessary.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

#Loveuary  Challenge – Celebrating today with a love poem for the sky.

Sending a package

I will write you blue sky

sunlight on yellow flowers.

I will write you a single snowflake

magnified in all its delicate brilliance.

I will write you a cocoon of comfort

a blanket of love you have never known

a full envelope, arriving on the wind, for the day

you need it most.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2016


Photo taken on a family trip to Italy 2016.


Sunlight’s Condolences

Sometimes sunlight falls on your window.

beams of warmth flood in even if undeserving.

The only needed action, opening the curtains.

My window doesn’t offer me any favors this morning.

It is my neighbor’s turn to be touched by light,

her sobs echoing through the wall, my

contentment in the weather offering up support

I don’t know how to give.

No one should be alone in grief

without warmth from another.

© Ali Grimshaw

This poem was inspired by the Pic And A Word Challenge – Windows #64

The Pic and a Word Challenge is a weekly creativity prompt offered on Sunday mornings.