Sunlight’s Condolences

Sometimes sunlight falls on your window.

beams of warmth flood in even if undeserving.

The only needed action, opening the curtains.

My window doesn’t offer me any favors this morning.

It is my neighbor’s turn to be touched by light,

her sobs echoing through the wall, my

contentment in the weather offering up support

I don’t know how to give.

No one should be alone in grief

without warmth from another.

© Ali Grimshaw

This poem was inspired by the Pic And A Word Challenge – Windows #64

The Pic and a Word Challenge is a weekly creativity prompt offered on Sunday mornings.


14 thoughts on “Sunlight’s Condolences

  1. Windows and walls, such a comfortable cage in which we sometimes envelope ourselves.And yet, in such intimate proximity…

    …yet, the door only locks from the inside…

    Intense turn to this piece. Lovely. Thank you for sharing it on Pic and a Word Challenge.

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