24 hours later


Years ago I chose the RULE

24 Hours minimum, before

doing, speaking, before action

24 Hours to steep in the experience

all emotional flavors infused, allowed to cool

to sip consideration of your viewpoint

before I express my own.

My reflection on the gift of time to change our perspective. I also have a poem related to this theme up on Via Brevis today.  via EDITOR’S CHOICE: Weather Forecast



True words

are unsinkable

they rise to the top

like oil on the surface.


The rocks you tied to them

never enough weight to drown

what you didn’t want shared, temporarily

kept hidden under your tongue.

True words will escape, eventually


Your enclosed truth

held hostage by fear

wants to fly.

Let it.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017      Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Inspired by Monday Mantras and the word MANTRA -The literal Chinese translation of the word mantra is “true words.” Seek your truth and let this unique manta guide you through the week.  Mine is “Trust the journey.”


Your Message

Why is it that the words on your lips

do not match your face?

A perplexing incongruence

leaving me wondering which to trust

the sweet promise of your mouth or

the words my soul knows to be the truth.

© Ali Grimshaw


Sometimes I think back on that night.

Your eyes intent on explaining, a look of determination,

of wanting to give.

I remember trying to hear you,

wanting to understand and failing to understand.

With each new telling, static filling the room.

Making adjustments to find your frequency.

Unable to tune you in.

Now I am left wondering.

What was it you so badly wanted me to know.

Feeling like I couldn’t get to the airport in time,

before your message took flight.

© Ali Grimshaw