24 hours later


Years ago I chose the RULE

24 Hours minimum, before

doing, speaking, before action

24 Hours to steep in the experience

all emotional flavors infused, allowed to cool

to sip consideration of your viewpoint

before I express my own.

My reflection on the gift of time to change our perspective. I also have a poem related to this theme up on Via Brevis today.  via EDITOR’S CHOICE: Weather Forecast


17 thoughts on “24 hours later

  1. I like this 24 hour rule, and it reminds of going away, thinking about it and coming back to it and see if you still really want it. It’s a good way to approach shopping for clothes for me…but also when determining if someone matters to me and if I can trust them 😊

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    1. Yes, I agree. Creating space to check in with yourself can be so helpful. The more emotional the situation the more time I need to really look at it. Great to hear from you Mabel. Have a most beautiful day.

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