Dwelling Place


Inside the conversation of contribution

my favorite place to dwell

walls like soft bubble gum that can expand

with the breath of new ideas

to watch you poke, prod, punch

a fist through the wall

on your face the surprised realization

of the awe-filled fluidity, stretched elastic

boundaries you once believed to be walls of stone.

How a soft blow, like cooling off your tea too hot

can open up a whole new room. High rounded ceilings

with space to grow into.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2018

My favorite place to be is inside a coaching conversation listening for another’s dreams. This was a tough idea to capture in a photo. Photo Challenge: Favorite Place 






17 thoughts on “Dwelling Place

  1. I so see how this could be your favorite place to be, Ali. You would be an amazing coach, I’m sure of that. ❤ Sending so much Light and love to you, and to all of your clients. They are incredibly served. Great poem (love the bubble gum analogy).

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    1. Great to hear from you Debbie. Thank you for your reflective response. I do love supporting others and helping them to see new possibilities. Keep sharing your forgiveness strategies. The world needs you.
      Love to you,

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  2. The photo looks so icy…I wonder if it’s really ice…

    Like Kirsten said, ‘Inside the conversation of contribution’ I really like this line. It speaks to me of layers, like how they are many layers to a dream.

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    1. Mabel, the photo is indeed a close up of a broken bubble of ice.
      There are many layers in conversations and that is why I find them fascinating. Thanks for your reflection. Be well my blogging friend.

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