The Reasons*- Poem by Ali Grimshaw

They never guessed it could have happened.
It was too dark for some, others had gone into hiding.
They told us too, and then I did. You did too.
The pipe didn't reach far enough and we scratched our heads.
Because we knew, after trying the other way forward.
It looked like he had a gun in his hand, his life now lost.
Afterwards, her phone died without a way to recharge.
It became obvious when the lights flickered.
Time was running out before the doorway melted.
They didn't believe it could be possible, the distance between
farther than it appeared, like a funhouse mirror.
Attempting 100 times more than on that frightful Friday.
Then light broke through from the other side for no reason.

* Answers appear in random order and don't represent value 
or popularity. No other poems were hurt in the writing of this poem.

This poem first published on Visual Verse, Vol. 8 Chapter 5.

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Have you heard? – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

say what you find in the deep moss of your feet
a lush immersion of aliveness long forgotten
like leaves caressing your childhood cheek

follow the movement of this forest vocabulary
a language that you have yet to dance with
are you willing to give yourself over 

to sit with the fallen nurse logs
to listen for the tall evergreen guardians 
to days of foresttime 

absent from hours or minutes ticking
filled instead by croaks, sways, gurgles
music accessible to the practiced ear

you will feel it coming
a cooling shift of rainclouds
the beginning of your roots
being welcomed in

©Ali Grimshaw 2022

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Springtide – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Sometimes a leafgreen season
allows a reaching beyond our past
perimeter of pain.

Will you build a bridge
or jump ship?
Questions like Spring rain
essential for endurance.

Pause before you reach the 50-mile marker 
wondering what brought you to the desert 
without water.

©Ali Grimshaw 2022

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