Firecracker Phrases



Now I sit in thought with

what I wish

I would have said

instead of that which came flying off my tongue

like butterflies leaving my mouth

beautiful at first sight

fluttering innocently toward you

with a closer look

upon landing

were really illegal firecrackers

of golden red that

left you speechless.

I’m sorry.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Forgive your mistakes. Forgiving Connects.



Seeking a Brain Transplant

Coveting the minds of others,

organized, tidy, following clear roads.

Traveling to a chosen destination

efficiently arriving on time.

Dreary, weary, defeat haunts her

relapsing into the darkness of a mind off course.

Moving toward an endless horizon

without a line between earth and sky

to distinguish

what hole she fell into

this time.

© Ali Grimshaw