Firecracker Phrases



Now I sit in thought with

what I wish

I would have said

instead of that which came flying off my tongue

like butterflies leaving my mouth

beautiful at first sight

fluttering innocently toward you

with a closer look

upon landing

were really illegal firecrackers

of golden red that

left you speechless.

I’m sorry.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Forgive your mistakes. Forgiving Connects.



27 thoughts on “Firecracker Phrases

  1. Your poem has the surprise “pop” and power of firecrackers! Been there; done that. Thanks for the reminder to be more aware of our words both before AND after we speak them.

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  2. As the others have said, this is such a beautiful piece of writing and poetry with such a fitting title. Sometimes our tongue moves faster than the brain, and reacting on the spur of the moment on the back of an adrenaline rush of emotions can be different from simply saying what we mean. There’s such a fine line, a split second and what we say or do can come out so different. Then again, sometimes it’s human nature to react quick…and we’re not all perfect. I’ve been there before, and sometimes I’d rather not say anything at all to keep a friendship. Hope all is well Alicia, and take care 🙂

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    1. Yes, sometimes the tongue moves faster than the brain. Then there are other times when we send butterflies and the listener hears fireworks. Communication between human beings is such a challenge.
      I always appreciate your thoughts Mabel. Be well and safe.

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      1. So true sometimes the listener hears fireworks though we feel we might have said something nice – that’s miscommunication for you. It can take a lifetime to form a friendship but a few seconds to tear it apart. Thank you for writing again.

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  3. Oh, this is beautiful, Ali! Thank you for sharing yourself so openly for #ForgivingFridays. Certainly, forgiveness starts by forgiving ourselves. ❤ I encourage you to be really kind and compassionate with yourself – you are a blessing!

    I'll share your poem for Forgiving Fridays next week, with joy. Have a beautiful weekend, Ali! Debbie

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  4. To me, this is an effective and thoughtful reflection on carelessly negative or impactful words that can come out. I can identify with that. Sometimes being fully expressive can be fully hurtful in an unintended way. When that happens, we have to step up and say we’re sorry to repair and strengthen the bond.
    Good stuff Ali! You are my favorite poet.

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