Years of Isolation

A need for self protection

more fierce, more essential

than life itself.

The consuming energy of keeping her heart safe.

The waning strength to keep the walls fortified.

To give without receiving.

To live without wanting

A game of survival that she only knew

how to play alone.

© Ali Grimshaw




You may believe that I am with you

facing the sea side by side.

Yet I am hidden away

oceans from this place,

traveling without a suitcase.

My vessel left behind.

I don’t need a ship to carry me

to the places I am visiting.

© Ali Grimshaw



Let Me Be Your Music

I will sing you comfort when your voice forgets the notes.

I will sing you a clearing in the forest,

a place to feel the warm sun on your back.

I will sing you courage for days when you

need to hear the music again.

© Ali Grimshaw


Farewell To Come

Like drops of rain

your temporary presence is

sliding away in moments

reflected in your eyes.

I ache with holding the love

and the loss to come

while we dance in this final day.


What is there to say

that we have not already lived?

The moment will soon arrive

a storm inside me

words a jumble on my tongue

there is no good way to watch you

walk back to your other life.

© Ali Grimshaw 2016




Your Message

Why is it that the words on your lips

do not match your face?

A perplexing incongruence

leaving me wondering which to trust

the sweet promise of your mouth or

the words my soul knows to be the truth.

© Ali Grimshaw


In between us lies an agreement

a foundational love that maps our conversations

guiding us through fear back to true north

when we have lost our way

in the world of our own emotions.

© Ali Grimshaw




Years from now

yearning for the body I have today

with its imperfections and pain.

My gnarled fingers and I will laugh.

How could I have known

the fluidity I possessed.

© Ali Grimshaw