Sometimes I think back on that night.

Your eyes intent on explaining, a look of determination,

of wanting to give.

I remember trying to hear you,

wanting to understand and failing to understand.

With each new telling, static filling the room.

Making adjustments to find your frequency.

Unable to tune you in.

Now I am left wondering.

What was it you so badly wanted me to know.

Feeling like I couldn’t get to the airport in time,

before your message took flight.

© Ali Grimshaw



Here to Listen


Tweeting and yelping and posting and texting  

so much to say

words flying, tumbling, and flung fast 

landing so loudly

I cannot hear the song of your voice

knock on my door

at least let me try to hear your words

as they fall from your mouth

with nothing added but fresh air

© Ali Grimshaw




You are a blue sky.

A color that I love to get lost in.

A consistent and ever-changing

backdrop for others,

and stand alone marvel.

Sometimes filled with challenging clouds

opening my eyes

to visions of blue

I’ve not seen.

© Ali Grimshaw

Nurturing a Color

In fading light,

glowing colors blend

and it is impossible to tell

where one begins. So it is

with you and I. When did I begin on my own?

So many years you nurtured and cooked, rocked,

encouraged, and cared for me while fighting for yourself.

As we unblended and became our separate colors, lessons were learned.

What was said and what was left empty in the room for me to choose.

The boundary of where you stood, lines I sometimes crossed.

In the mirror of the years I am in awe of your effort.

You gave, at minimum, years of listening

with your whole face turned toward mine.

Intent on taking each word in

not letting a single one

escape your ear.

Mother’s Day 2016 – Dedicated to my mother and her commitment to keeping her colors vibrant while letting me find my own. 

© Ali Grimshaw 2016






The strength you possess

growing just where you landed

nourished by sparse light

no gardener to tend you

pushing through the cracks

away from your roots

toward warmth of another

to be seen.

© Ali Grimshaw






I see hope in your eyes.

A flash of light that has been absent.

Just a sliver of believing,

you never thought you could hold.

A small beacon inside,

beginning to send out its light

after a long darkness.

© Ali Grimshaw


Free Yourself

Cut yourself free

from the weight of all not forgiven

a constricting of vitality, past failures squeeze

the tangle of rope, disallows a full breath.

Each memory binds, an internal tightening

of a time you did not stop it,

didn’t stand up tall for yourself.

Patterns of knots encircle your being.

Twisted, wound round, strangled voice.

If you would have been smarter, stronger, better …

If only you had been more.

© Ali Grimshaw Revised 2018



Night Bloom

In the dark night raining.
Each flower drinks in,
readying itself for dawn.
With no eyes to witness,
the gentle petals imbibe.
A secret kept to themselves.

© Ali Grimshaw 2016

Message In The Clouds

Let me send my love to you

lightly floating on the wind.

A force that sails ships across the ocean.

Let my kisses evaporate into the clouds.

When they reach your shore,

love will rain down upon you.

© Ali Grimshaw