Oxygen continues to enter,


passing straight through fear.


Love will continue to breath for you,


when you cannot breath for yourself.

© Ali Grimshaw


6 thoughts on “Air

  1. Keep them coming Sister Ali…inspiring, you are! Feeling the need to catch up yesterday! I love your shares!!!


  2. Tonight, I sent Air to my sister who lost her husband 3 months ago. His 4 life long friends took his ashes out on the Columbia today. She had just emailed me photos of the experience when I received your wonderful poem. Heartfelt thanks

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  3. As your poems come to me, I seem find a person in my life that same day, who may be a bit healed, comforted and validated by your work.


    1. Lisa, you don’t know how much this means to me. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading. Healing and validation of feelings are both important gifts I hope to give to others through my poems. Thank you beyond words for your reply.


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