Shedding Shame

Despair for the moment to come

willing my body to enter the room

a mountain of mortification on my back

facing those faces

being seen while craving camouflage.

Owning the me that showed up today

failure and intention,

with a disappointing lack of action.

While seeking an empty seat I am

investigating the ability to shed my skin,

to start fresh. Becoming

a blank slate that holds

not a bit of old chalk dust.

© Ali Grimshaw








The Aha

Once balanced on their ends

the squares fall, one nudging the other.

A tumbling of memories,

replaying like a film made from still pictures.

held together by a plot that used to make sense.

Now I hold a new appreciation for the structure

that held them in place for  years. The straining sides

that were keeping order, now dissolved,

layers becoming a ferris wheel of change

arriving as a new shape on the floor.

© Ali Grimshaw

A View from Above

Outside the window

traffic below creeping away from all that matters.

Amongst the jammed up colors,

a pedestrian easily weaves through the congestion

slipping through the heavy flow of life.

gracefully he continues while surrounded by the unmoving,

often pausing to look up.

He alone sees the clouds above the tall buildings.

No one else remembers the sky.

© Ali Grimshaw

Open-Minded   Discovery Challenge

Apology Request

Are you sorry for the times

you tore me down

scathing words that left me

stumbling for cover

pounding me lower

knowing there wasn’t an escape route

trapped with this internal voice

causing a shrinking of my essence

down to a single drop of


© Ali Grimshaw

Will you let yourself embrace comfort?

imageSometimes we push comfort away when we need it most. Fear keeps us from opening our arms. Desperate times are more difficult when you face them alone. Let someone see the true you and allow yourself to be comforted.

Walking into the Future

“Let yourself be silently drawn
by the deeper pull of what you
truly love.” – Rumi


What is calling you forth?

If you cannot see that vision of your future self

follow that which brings you to life

where tears of feeling pool in your eyes

your heart so full that

even the water from the faucet

flows out in slow motion.

© Ali Grimshaw


Go With The Flow

Days crammed full

each minute a block on the calendar

filled to overflowing. Blocks tumble.

The dam bursts

spilling forth an unimaginable surge

carrying you away to a place

beyond time. Float with it or

swim toward shore?


to the current,

this is new.

© Ali Grimshaw