Mirror of Love


By knowing you,

I find myself.

Now and 90 years wrinkled.

My doubts don’t exist in your eyes.

You see the chipped edges

scars of failed attempts

places worn raw from not retreating.

The rough, abeyant curves of my puzzle.

You see my essence of spirit

gently hold it all up,

a mirror before me,

now I can see,

for myself,

who I am becoming.


Revised version of the original poem shared in 2016

© Ali Grimshaw 2017



Want Ad


A listener.

Intent on feeling instead of hearing my words.

Eager to sift out the ones I have outgrown 

return those that call my name, carry me forward,

speak them like a trail to follow when I am lost.

Will utter truth even when it cracks my surface.

Incapable of withholding even a syllable of himself

with the knowing it will suffocate our tomorrows.

Who will remember my voice,

long after I’ve gone.

Curiosity a must.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017







Please don’t give up on love.


Go and find love today

for it surrounds us like

good soup from a friend,

sunlight through trees,

the laughter of children.

Give love today and you will

feel its touch.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my friends around the world!

My Leaf Man

He brings me leaves

one each day

a contrast in shape

varied vibrancy, coral to ripe peach

left on the kitchen counter

until evening arrives at our window.

Held in his palm

this single donation

color story of today

our eyes meet

the wrinkles, textured hues, imperfect edges.

Our hands hold a temporary prize between us


Trees give without expecting

something in return. Thankfully,

so does he.

© Ali Grimshaw 2016

May you find someone to share the beauty of nature with today. Happy Thanksgiving.


You chose me

when I couldn’t choose myself.

When I was swimming in  darkness,

awash in ink,

blocking out the love.

You remained beside me

when my words didn’t make sense.

You stayed. Listening.

Seeing who I would become

and already was in the moment.

You opened up a new vista

where we stood together,

our backs to the past.

© Ali Grimshaw




The Path

The path we share sometimes forks.

Here a place to pause among trees.

Conversations in layers like leaves on the forest floor.

Shadows arrive, shake us with views of separate routes.

I kiss your hand with love as I release it.

Fly above the forest if you are called to.

I will not let you deny yourself

to keep us on the same path.

Together we can travel

only if

you will still seek.

© Alicia Grimshaw revised version 2017