Want Ad


A listener.

Intent on feeling instead of hearing my words.

Eager to sift out the ones I have outgrown 

return those that call my name, carry me forward,

speak them like a trail to follow when I am lost.

Will utter truth even when it cracks my surface.

Incapable of withholding even a syllable of himself

with the knowing it will suffocate our tomorrows.

Who will remember my voice,

long after I’ve gone.

Curiosity a must.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017







9 thoughts on “Want Ad

  1. Wanted:

    A listener….

    Intent on feeling instead of hearing my words….

    Will utter truth even when it cracks my surface….

    Curiosity a must.

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    1. Once I have a clear understanding of what I am seeking eventually it shows up in my life. I wonder if this ad honestly shares what many are seeking in a relationship. Being heard and shared value of authentic communication. Thanks for sharing your response.

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