A beautiful poem of hope from MISTYROADS


And so we grow,
In winds bent back
Against the storms
And lightning strikes.
Rise up,
In splendour
And well-lit grace
Of Swift footsteps
That forever change
And twist
In those brief sorrows
Of untrained reach
And growth in silent tears;
That dry in hope
And sunlight given.

Copyright ©RMC May 2020

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A letter from Spring

Dear ones,

I know you think me gone forever.

Tire of windwhipped ears, frozen fingers,

numb toes dancing in boots to regain feeling.

I noticed your hesitation at the door, a pause to brace yourself

before the blast of chill. Your hope pushed down deep,

warm in your pocket, is crumbling.

Before you go off on another rant let me point out,

Forsythia is blooming now, right next door.

Just when you can’t take another day

I will return,

a fresh bouquet in my hands.

Your ever loving and loyal,


© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Photo taken right in my own neighborhood.




The strength you possess

growing just where you landed

nourished by sparse light

no gardener to tend you

pushing through the cracks

away from your roots

toward warmth of another

to be seen.

© Ali Grimshaw





Night Bloom

In the dark night raining.
Each flower drinks in,
readying itself for dawn.
With no eyes to witness,
the gentle petals imbibe.
A secret kept to themselves.

© Ali Grimshaw 2016

Bursting to Life


After what seems like forever darkness

the light comes back again

each bud seeking warmth

layers begin to open

not because they were told, “It is time.”

facing the sun… their hearts knew.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2016