A letter from Spring

Dear ones,

I know you think me gone forever.

Tire of windwhipped ears, frozen fingers,

numb toes dancing in boots to regain feeling.

I noticed your hesitation at the door, a pause to brace yourself

before the blast of chill. Your hope pushed down deep,

warm in your pocket, is crumbling.

Before you go off on another rant let me point out,

Forsythia is blooming now, right next door.

Just when you can’t take another day

I will return,

a fresh bouquet in my hands.

Your ever loving and loyal,


© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Photo taken right in my own neighborhood.




34 thoughts on “A letter from Spring

  1. Beautiful and thoughtful!!
    I am a new blogger.. Please check my site and if u like it feel free to follow back. It will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank u.

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  2. What a perfect reminder that, just when we think we can’t take another MOMENT of WHATEVER is happening, we may be able to spy a bit of hope… You just made me think that perhaps it requires a bit of faith to even look!

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