Music from the field

If the grasses could sing,

a pure note from each blade

their chorus accompanied by

angled beams of light

on each swaying tip

beyond this

yet unheard melody

is my love for you.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

#Loveuary Challenge

11 thoughts on “Music from the field

    1. Thank you for your reflection Miriam. I appreciate hearing from you.
      By the way, I know you like to camp. What are you favorite items to take camping? This might be a fun idea for you to share with your readers. I know I would be interested. I am dream of summer. I always take a book with me. Have a great day. Ali

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      1. Hi Ali, favorite items to take camping? Hmm, a good book is always high on the list, a pack of cards, a torch is handy and of course lots of good food and wine. Yes, perhaps it’s a future idea for a blog post. Thanks Ali. x

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