Unfolding Love – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

By knowing you,
I see myself in bloom 
now and 90 years wrinkled.
My doubts don’t exist in your eyes.
You see the chipped edges
scars of failed attempts
places worn raw 
as my earned beauty.
You hold the rough
abeyant curves of my puzzle
like a treasure. 
You saw my essence of spirit
gently holding it all up,
a mirror before me,
until I could see,
for myself,
who I am becoming.
© Ali Grimshaw 2020

Eugi's Weekly Prompt - Romance

May you notice – poem by Ali Grimshaw


It doesn’t need

to be earned

fought for, proven.

It cannot be purchased

or owed.

True love is given

just because.

I hope that you notice

that love has landed on you today.


I hope you let yourself feel it.


© Ali Grimshaw 2020

Thank you to all my readers for the love you share in the world. I see your hearts strong.

Dream of Love


Awake in the darkness

with a different kind of knowing.

One of souls connected in an absence of time.

Understanding not limited by words.

A sigh that offers comfort,

only possible from the deep inhale proceeding it.

Melding without becoming one.

A miracle of wholeness from separate beings.


© Ali Grimshaw

Valentine’s Day 2016


Please don’t give up on love.


Go and find love today

for it surrounds us like

good soup from a friend,

sunlight through trees,

the laughter of children.

Give love today and you will

feel its touch.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my friends around the world!

The Open Space

love is an open space

not yet filled place

a hand reaching out


without expectation


large, tiny, tattooed, wrinkled

skin darker or lighter

held out to you

love is there

if you return the


© Ali Grimshaw 2017

#Loveuary and Love Day Blog Party at But I Smile Anyway…

Heart wide open

Today I wrote a gift for you

my pen pulled my hand along, (it is braver than I)

it knows how to lay my heart wide open,

like a prairie to the sky

nowhere to hide, expansive and still

miles from adequate for what I wish to give.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

February is the month of love. I will be celebrating with love poems all month long.

#Loveuary – inspired by Ritu at But I Smile Anyway…

Photo credit to Nicolas T.