May you notice – poem by Ali Grimshaw


It doesn’t need

to be earned

fought for, proven.

It cannot be purchased

or owed.

True love is given

just because.

I hope that you notice

that love has landed on you today.


I hope you let yourself feel it.


© Ali Grimshaw 2020

Thank you to all my readers for the love you share in the world. I see your hearts strong.


29 thoughts on “May you notice – poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Ali, this is so well-put. Love is an open sign, so true! I remember a quote by Rumi where he says, When you’ve accepted what troubles you’ve been given, the door opens. For some reason, your poem reminds me of this––that love is always available, always giving and supporting you, and that part of giving is really receiving the gift. Thank you. It feels so good to connect with your writing today….my heart is touched by the essence within your words. The thread of energy is so powerful, and full of love.

    Blessings, my friend. So good to talk with you!

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    1. Debbie, I am extremely grateful for the time you’ve taken to share your experience of my words. Love is always available but often goes unnoticed. Thank you for your support and the light you shine every day. Love to you my friend.Ali

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    1. My intention is always to bring lift to your day. Since it is Valentine’s Day I thought I should double the message of love. So many people aren’t feeling loved and we can all do something about that. Thanks for your kind response.

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