Visiting With Chaos

Spills splattered the walls.

Counters filled with clutter,

multiple piles creating a new geography in the room.

There is a relief to cleaning it all away.

Everything in order. Repair and replace.

The seduction of a new cycle, sparkling clean.

Free from marks of history.


What if we could sit with Chaos

for just a little minute?

Feel the wind in our ears.

Hearing her secrets of cleverness.

Soaking in the learning of this undone space.

Before an opportunity is erased.

A past disinfected before she can author her story

from which the plot differs from

perpetual duplicating.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2016

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14 thoughts on “Visiting With Chaos

  1. Beautiful poem on chaos and finding our ground amidst it all. It reminds me of my messy room. Sometimes I just want to get up and clean it, but there is also some sort of calm just sitting there amidst all my belongings scattered everywhere – each of them telling me a story 🙂

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