Seeking a Brain Transplant

She covets the minds of others,
organized, tidy, check the box off
followers of clear roads
neatly folded maps
who open to straight paths
traveling without distraction
of multiple dead ends
confusion of curlicues
to land efficiently
destination, spot on time.
Dreary haunts of defeat
her relapse into darkness
a mind off course, tunneling elsewhere
moving toward an endless horizon
without a line between earth and sky
to distinguish
what hole she fell into
this time.
This is a revised version of the poem published on Versewrights Looking back and rewriting this as a process of reflection and celebration. Thank you Versewrights for sharing my poems with your readers. Today I encourage you to embrace your process over the temporary product. The my last page has not been written yet.
Please share a poem that you have rewritten in the comments section. Let me give space to acknowledge your process.
© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Visiting With Chaos

Spills splattered the walls.

Counters filled with clutter,

multiple piles creating a new geography in the room.

There is a relief to cleaning it all away.

Everything in order. Repair and replace.

The seduction of a new cycle, sparkling clean.

Free from marks of history.


What if we could sit with Chaos

for just a little minute?

Feel the wind in our ears.

Hearing her secrets of cleverness.

Soaking in the learning of this undone space.

Before an opportunity is erased.

A past disinfected before she can author her story

from which the plot differs from

perpetual duplicating.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2016

Chaos – Photo Challenge