Drawing a house

What do you hold onto

when the bottom drops out

leaving you foundationless?

Your roof carried away by a tornado.

Left only with blankness and a pen

you forgot was in your hand.


I draw myself a new house

windows of openness, a tin roof to hear rain

a welcome door without requirements

with the hope that you feel safe enough to visit.

Uncensored, just as you are not

when you leave the premises.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017







15 thoughts on “Drawing a house

  1. “…Uncensored, just as you are not

    when you leave the premises.”

    I love how this poem strips everything away and reminds us to, once again, start over/try/begin again, to hold onto the possibility of being even more authentic/”uncensored”/raw and not judge ourSELVES so harshly. Are we not good enough for trying? Let’s say yes.

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    1. Karyn, thanks beyond thanks for your reflection. We can start over each day, build whatever we are inspired to build, and we are “already good”enough to do this. Love to you my friend.


  2. Love the use of the word “uncensored”, Ali. Another great way of saying “naked”, only that it sounds much more rough and edgy. When challenges come at us, sometimes all we got to do is move on and find another place to make our home. Or make another place our home. Lovely poem, vivid imagery.

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