Holding Hands


As we stand together

the ocean’s roar a comfort

lullaby of constant.

You squeeze my hand.

I echo the motion.

Reliable rolling waves,

we count on

when the world is crashing.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Ambience




13 thoughts on “Holding Hands

  1. Quite striking photograph! Did you take it? If so, you and your camera see and preserve a lot that the rest of us only pass by. Powerful poem too. I never thought of water’s motion that way, but I think now it is exactly right, though my experience of this has more to do with remote rivers, their reliable currents, their tumbling steadily and beautifully over rocks.

    I like the idea behind your blog. I can relate. Think I shall visit regularly.

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    1. Albert, thanks for the compliments. Yes, I did take the photo. It was at sunset at the Oregon coast. The mother and her two children were walking on the beach then ended up holding hands and watching the waves together. It captures a lot for me since I grew up visiting Oregon beaches. I love capturing moments that others miss with words and images.

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  2. HOW did I miss this one?!!! Put it in my top 5!

    “Reliable rolling waves,

    we count on

    when the world is crashing.”

    I have been here so many times, relying on those roaring, comforting waves.

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