Cherish the light


When the crack widens

to an unknown view.

Fear seeks this space

between rough edges

quickly slides in

expanding like a balloon

a barricade of shadow to

seal the sides solid.

Yet seekers of light

will never be blinded

by such tricks of perspective.

When eyes look with love

illumination is present and

forgiveness sets another place

at the table.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Dedicated to the shortest day of the year, the miraculous world we live in and all of those who make the world a better place by giving their light.


Forgiving Fridays 

Winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere was at 8:28 AM today.




16 thoughts on “Cherish the light

  1. Ali, I am so touched. This is an amazing poem on forgiveness for Forgiving Fridays!! To me, forgiveness is looking through the eyes of love, as you write in your poem. LOVE how you include the illumination that helps us to see past illusion and flow with grace and truth.

    I will share this for Forgiving Fridays this week. Thank you, thank you Ali. ❤ Happy holidays. So blessed to know you.

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