Between the lines

Hawaii  2013 159


line straight as the horizon, faintly blue as sky meets sea

each edge, finger-width apart, to contain the message


my words lay cushioned by these guiding layers

some smeared by effort of my own hand


it was not by accident that I wrote to you

between the lines and not on them.


our relationship never occupied spaces

defined by rules of in or out.


© Ali Grimshaw (revised version of 2016 poem)

Rise/Set – Morning in Maui with my sweetheart observing the sea.

d’Verse – Open Link Night


21 thoughts on “Between the lines

  1. Thank you for visiting
    I too love this love
    Between the lines
    I’ve used it myself on many of an occasion
    See you on the other side creativity

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  2. What a beautiful view, Ali. Such a lovely sunshine day, and hope it was a warm one too 🙂 I like the idea of a relationship not defined by rules. That’s when two people can completely be themselves individually and together as partners – accepting each other and working together as two people, together.

    Liked by 1 person

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