Those that came before


We are held

by unseen hands

family that came before

to hack through the wild

make a trail.


We are held

by their stories, mistakes

and courage. Rightness,

who is to blame

the tinted glasses we wear.


We are held

within their intentions

by the invisible imagination

of their hearts.


© Ali Grimshaw 2018

Inspired by this quote from Moorezart “We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.” ― David Mitchell, The Cloud Atlas

Photo from Pixabay


15 thoughts on “Those that came before

  1. I have always believed this. I once wrote about how I touched my father, and his father, and through each of them and who they touched, and who they touched, and so on, I can imagine that I have touched the beginning of time. Beautiful Ali.

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    1. It is mindblowing for me to think about all the generations I have come from and what they have contributed to my life. Thanks for letting me know that you can relate.


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