Visiting With Chaos – a poem by Ali Grimshaw


Spills splattered the walls.

Counters filled with clutter,

multiple piles creating a new geography in the room.

There is a relief to cleaning it all away.

Everything in order. Repair and replace.

The seduction of a new cycle, sparkling clean.

Free from marks of history.

What if we could sit with Chaos

for just a little minute?

Feel the wind in our ears.

Hearing her secrets of cleverness.

To soak in the learning of this undone space.

Before an opportunity is erased.

A past disinfected before she can author her story

from which the plot differs from

perpetual duplicating.

First published on Vita Brevis


13 thoughts on “Visiting With Chaos – a poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. This is exquisite, Ali. Reminds me of our Facebook conversation …. sitting with the uncomfortableness and exquisite beauty of the unknown. I love what you wrote about duplicating — like newness is born within chaos. One of the qualities I am focusing on is “revelation”. Your poem is such a good description of that experience for me. Awesome!

    Lots of love. Keep on shining the Light here, Ali. So glad to walk this blessed path with you. Debbie

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    1. Debbie, thanks for letting me know this poem resonated with you. There is so much to learn from within the space of chaos if we are willing to sit with it.
      Have a most wonderful week my blogging friend.
      Love and light,


  2. Lovely poem. Deep truth. Sitting in uncertainty and chaos indeed becomes a birthplace for healing…if we can allow ourselves to be in the discomfort for as long as it takes. I recall the labor of childbirth this way. A powerful metaphor for where I believe we collectively, as a planet, are in this moment in time.

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    1. Carrie, thanks for letting me know you connected with this poem. Connection is strengthening for us both. Staying in the discomfort is not an easy task but I agree it is a worthy one.
      Have a beautiful weekend.

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