she wished to glue

leaves of color back onto the limbs

unprepared for season’s shift

then her dormant suitcase looked up

with eyes of grace, a reminder

of past orbits around the sun.

© Ali Grimshaw 2018


13 thoughts on “Orbiting

  1. I loved this! Both your poem (and yes, let’s be grateful for every single year that some of us wear so visibly) and also for the image. One of the best things about my new grandson is seeing the wonder in his eyes as he regards the world around him. Everything is new, and everything is interesting.

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  2. I love the color hanging above our heads and love it when it falls and softens the ground below. Then those bare branches always appear to be pointing something out to me. 🙂 Then they are covered once again with a new coat. I never tire of it. 🙂

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