You always asked me why,
how did leaves change color
giggling from the red wagon
I pulled around the block.

As the leaves parade, an early flaming row
burned into memory, your voice
is missing in the trees.
Wishing it returned

with the falling.

© Ali Grimshaw 2018

dVerse challenge Quadrille #67 – early


43 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Ali, what an exquisite poem. I get the sense that the words almost surprised you as they came out. There’s a hint of sadness and joy moving through this … felt like leaves falling into happiness. More than that and yet it’s the best I can describe my impressions.

    I think your poetry is wonderful and so full of presence, as are you. Thank you Ali! Much love and Light to you. Debbie

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    1. Debbie, thanks for taking the time to share your reflection of this poem. It is definitely a heartfelt one for me.
      I am grateful to know that my words matter to your day.
      Keep shining your light. Sending love your way.

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  2. to miss someone’s voice can create such a huge void in the heart – one that even memories can’t seem to conjure, loved the sadness of losing someone expressed so tenderly like the falling leaves

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  3. I know that pang, the empty space where a brightly coloured, chaotic and joyful child once was. My daughter is now a mother and I wish I could be closer to have some of her son rub off on me! The final stanza is so poignant and I especially love the colour in:.
    ‘…the leaves parade, an early flaming row
    burned into memory’.

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    1. Thanks for the reflection Kim. I always love hearing the specific lines that resonate with someone else.
      Yes, the pang of missing him. I do. There isn’t a word I know to describe the feeling.
      Take care of your heart.

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  4. The past tense breaks my heart. A great memory and even a revisit of colors doesn’t make up for lack of voice. Very good. Moved me. Even if the child just grew up and remembering the fun of wonder we share. All sorts of reasons to like poetically, but it moved me, and that’s a good write.

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    1. To have someone read your words and feel your hurt creates a healing. Thank you for letting me me know that this touched your day.
      Love is painful and magnificent, sometimes fleeting and always what matters most.


      1. Ali, some poets I read as a part of my day, but the voices like yours I read aloud with my heart. You didn’t touch my day, but mt heart. Thank you the healing you penned.

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