Finding Fault – Poem by Ali Grimshaw




Blame is an easy

coat to wear, it’s large pockets

empty promises

© Ali Grimshaw 2018

“The impulse to create begins – often terribly and fearfully – in a tunnel of silence. Every real poem is the breaking of existing silence, and the first question we might ask any poem is, What kind of voice is breaking silence, and what kind of silence is being broken?”      ~ Adrienne Rich
An invitation from now until November 6 to share poems of witness by advocating for justice, making a stand for equity, speaking up and out against injustice, hatred and bigotry. #poemsofwitness

22 thoughts on “Finding Fault – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. ps – I did a video on Facebook yesterday on the election, and how we can elect in love and extend that compassion and empathy to everyone else, however they choose to vote. That they can still have preferences and cast their vote without holding judgment about how others do it. I love our acts of kindness!

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  2. Oh Ali, I love this. What a beautiful invitation to let go of blame and open to a fresh start. Yes, they do matter!

    There’s such sweetness in your writing, at least in my experience inside. I really love how you take a stand for kindness and empathy. This is a sacred contribution for #ForgivingFridays, and I’m honored to share it this week! Thank you, Ali.

    Sending you blessings of love – and all of us in our forgiving process!

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    1. Thank you for always hearing the love in my poems that I wish to give to others. I write to give and it makes me happy to know that my words have touch your day.
      Keep sharing your invitations to forgiveness. Take care my friend.


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