Sandals in November – A poem by Ali Grimshaw


They called her crazy
an attempt to freeze her with jeers
never understanding
that she chose
to avoid too much comfort.

Empathy would always
be her closest friend
arm in arm, they would
walk in sandals through
November frost.

Warmed by desire
for connection.
A step toward those
who had no shoes.

© Ali Grimshaw 2018


Forgiving Fridays 


37 thoughts on “Sandals in November – A poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Ali, this is incredible. What I take from this is how courageous it is to live every day in the truth inside, and the incredible power of empathy for those who do not understand. And there’s so much more. Funny, I wrote a blog today on the challenges of being a teenager. This is such a time of learning who we are and what’s truly aligned for us. I love this & and am honored to share it for #ForgivingFridays. Will do shortly!

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      1. Yes, that is such a sweet experience to be sure, but even sweeter still is when your words inspire another to write from a seed of inspiration you left for them!!! Hope your week is going well!


  2. Part of this I already dealt with as a teen, not that I avoided comfort, it was just not in my dictionary:) My voice has always been to strong to give in to what others wanted me to be, but it pains me when it is done to others who don’t know how to find the courage.
    Hey, how did you find me? (Am glad you did:):))

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