365 Pages of 2018 – a poem by Ali Grimshaw


I wrote across
and down the page
sometimes diagonal doodles
to break through lines
that I refused, not willing
to be penned in.
Editing bled and tore through
to pages underneath.
Grateful for a thick tablet
layers of mistakes on the way to golden
this party called life, waking up
to attend, embrace the tousled mess
tumbles, triumph, trembles of love
that live outside of words.
The minutes are not guaranteed
savor this very one.

© Ali Grimshaw 2018

Each year I celebrate getting to live another year by writing a birthday poem. I hope this inspires you to author your life. What story are you writing this year? These bloggers have inspired my next chapter; Debbie at Forgiving Connects , Colleen at The Chatter Blog, Val at Find Your Middle Ground, Miriam at Out an’ About, and Brad at Writing To Freedom

Here is the link to last year’s birthday poem 365 Pages.

May love touch your day.



22 thoughts on “365 Pages of 2018 – a poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Oh my God, Ali – I am moved beyond words. Sort of like the love you penned in your poem. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Secondly, this poem captures the exquisite grace of this moment and our ability to drink it in … and write our own script. You sure have written one of great love Ali!

    I am honored to inspire your next steps. May each one be blessed by joy, grace, abundance, and compassion. Love and Light to you Ali. ❤ So grateful to know you. ~Debbie

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  2. What a delightful poem and tribute to life Ali! I’m finally learning to embrace more of my messy life and self, hopefully finding the way for love and grace to move in my life. Thanks for the kind mention too. I’m grateful and surprised to know that I’m in the group who inspire you. ❤ Happy Birthday!

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