Contentment – Poem by Ali Grimshaw


Home was a dented silver trailer
simply, without shine inside and out.

The window view of the sea
its evolving colors of cloud and fog
filled her need for decoration.

A square sky painting above the sink
included her in its masterpiece
filled her with belonging

and a soundtrack of constant rhythm
wave reassurance, murmurs of the earth.

Passersby with lipfrowning judgement
downcast looks of pity at her dwelling
would never know her contentment.

She had found her community
between wind and simplicity.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019 (Rewrite)


21 thoughts on “Contentment – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Great poem. Can identify with the “dented silver trailer” … our fancy Airstream did not stay pristine very long. Now we have more dents, less shine … but oh, the “luxury” of life on wheels that can park with a certain scene for a while, and then roll on to the next … We aren’t full-timers, but we often are out for two months or so at a time. Living in less space, more mobility is quite the catalyst for opening one’s mind.

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  2. This poem reminds me of a conversation I had one time with a desk clerk at a hotel in Sonoma about priorities, living your values, and surrounding yourself with simple beauty. So lovely!

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    1. The message of this poem is to think about what you value and live in a way that bring contentment to your heart regardless of what others think. What brings contentment to your day? Reading poetry is one for me and I can do that almost anywhere.
      Happy Sunday.

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