Pulse – Poem by Ali Grimshaw


among fallen plaster of
disrepair, wrinkles of error
some think irredeemable

your locked layers of reasons
defenses built room by room
the unkissable past revealed

you wait for the wrecking ball
Yet I hear a heartbeat not broken
beyond salvage

your pulse sings strong.

© Ali Grimshaw (rewrite) 2019

dVerse – Quadrille

Forgiving Fridays

Photo taken in Venice, Italy


64 thoughts on “Pulse – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Ali, I am so touched. What really stood out for me is the heartbeat of who we are that beats on (in great love) regardless of the behaviors and actions we do. I could almost feel the heartbeat embracing what we judge with great strength of heart…instead of punishment. This is a profound sharing for Forgiving Fridays. Thank you, Ali.

    I am also reminded of the form of meditation I do – it’s based on following the Sound Current straight back into the home of love.

    Keep shinin’ Ali. Your posts are a real gift to people.
    Love and Light,

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    1. Debbie, I somehow missed this response from you earlier in the week. I am glad you could hear the unconditional love in this poem. I know that your forgiveness work is based on love and is a gift for others who find you. Healing is possible.

      Thanks for your ongoing support.
      Be well,

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      1. No worries, Ali! What you wrote about healing is beautiful.

        I studied at the University of Santa Monica (they have a program in spiritual psychology), and one of the key principles is “Healing is the application of loving to the places inside that hurt.”

        Bless you Ali! Love and Light your way, 🙂

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  2. I love quadrilles, and this one is so perfect, tuned and beautifully spare, and full of mercy. How the past feels intangible, cannot be gathered in our arms, but only palpated. It aches and yearns. Vera nice Ali. Thank you

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  3. Wonderful illustration….and I especially love these words
    “Yet I hear a heartbeat not broken
    beyond salvage”

    I have to also add — I really like the full title of your blog. Our writing…and reading others here at dVerse, truly does provide some lighting for the times. 🙂

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  4. I recognised that Venetian building without reading the caption, Ali! Tourists always see the beautiful facades but ignore what’s going on behind them, the fallen plaster and unkissable past. I know that heartbeat and that singing pulse! An interesting and fitting metaphor for the human decline.

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  5. Such a basket of hope here, moving on, unafraid of a sordid past, or bad choices. When we bought our house, we tuned into a vibe for each one we saw. When the vibe felt right, we bought it.

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