Solstice Lanterns



When the crack widens to an unknown view
fear can squeeze in between rough edges of darkness

quickly slide in, expanding like a balloon
barricade of shadow to seal the entrance.

Yet seekers of light will never be dismayed by tricks of perspective
their wisdom of the season’s shifting songs sing them forward.

When eyes look with love, illumination is present for all
allowing forgiveness to set another place at the table

where lanterns burn long into the night.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

Dedicated to all of those who make the world a better place by generously giving their light.

If you happen to be in Vancouver BC, Canada on Saturday December 21, check out their 26th Annual Winter Solstice Lantern Festival put on by the Secret Lantern Society. Even if you can’t go, you will find their website inspiring with free community events including a labyrinth of light and workshops to make lanterns. What beauty communities can create when they come together.





15 thoughts on “Solstice Lanterns

  1. Thanks for this poem! As we deal with the days that grow steadily darker and shorter, it is nice to be reminded that we each need to shine our own light….and that it really will make the world a better place! I love your poetry, Ali…..

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  2. Oh, Ali, this is just lovely! I so enjoyed reading your poem. I also refollwed you …. I’ve been getting unfollowed a lot by WP. Not sure what is up with that but it is aggravating. May your Holidays shine with Light!! xo

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