Roaring – Poem by Ali Grimshaw



earth cracking realization
shake and bake reformation
voice regained

shift and tumbled truths
revealed by backward binoculars
their sight once trusted for even footing

do not be surprised by my song
or the way I harness cumulonimbus clouds

I am no longer
that girl.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

dVerse – Quadrille #94


43 thoughts on “Roaring – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Well said, Ali! I know we are told not to spend too much time looking back, but sometimes I think it really is necessary in order to move forward. You’re right, we do see things differently then, and some things that didn’t make sense before suddenly become clear. For me, it can be quite liberating!

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    1. I think reflecting is how we learn. Looking back is a great way to learn as long as you don’t beat yourself up over and over about what you did. I like your perspective Ann. Reflection can be a liberating process.
      Make it a great day my friend.

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  2. Hello Ali,

    I appreciate the vigor, the vividness, and the affirmation in your poetry; this being the 3rd of your poems I’ve read now. Your journey expressed in a few lines, from the “earth cracking realization” to “no longer that girl”… Very personal; powerful!

    Thank you, for sharing. Peace.

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      1. Hello again, Ali.

        I enjoyed our previous interaction. In appreciation of your thoughtfulness and poetry, I took the liberty to share it with my followers on Twitter. With time, it will surely get positive attention.🙂

        Best wishes to you!

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      2. You’re very welcome.🙂 It’s quite alright, not being on Twitter. I shall be standing by what I share over there. It’s a nice community, but I prefer WordPress.

        You have a beautiful day, too.

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