Thoughts Swirling? Let’s write together

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Lately I have been writing with people from all over the U.S. and beyond. It is always a source of joy and inspiration to hear what others share when they put words down on a page. We are unique and also the same. Writing together has been a habitual part of my life for many years. During this time, I have noticed the fulfilling conversations and reflections that bloom from shared writing spaces. I invite you to explore this for yourself. This isn’t about trying to create the perfect poem. It is about connecting as human beings.

Poetry Over Panic: Writing Circle for Positive Self Reflection – April 17

Writing to Restore Ourselves: Poetry & Reflection Circle – April 23

One of the delights of writing in a group is hearing what others share. This piece was written during one of our recent gatherings. I appreciate Louise letting me share it here.

This Thread is not like a river.
By Louise Gallagher

Unlike the river this thread has the power to flow backwards. I can follow its course deep into the stories
I tell of how I got here.
Unlike the river, this thread is not bound by its banks. It can overflow, threading off into territories long
forgotten in time’s passing.
This thread runs free. It is constantly unravelling time forwards and backwards. Casing through time and
place into the here and now where all I need to find myself is this thread which I can never let go of for
this thread tells the story of my life woven through the exquisite tapestry of my world shimmering in the
exquisite poetry of the love story that is my life.

You can find Louise’s blog filled with heartfelt writing and artwork here –

This is the time to boldly take time to care of yourself.

May love land on you today.




24 thoughts on “Thoughts Swirling? Let’s write together

    1. I agree that Louise did a wonderful job on the piece. Connecting with her across borders was magical.
      My experience of writing together is so much more than the product. Together we slow down to consider a poem and reflect to each other what the words mean to us. Then we write. This is an experience for everyone. No need to be a poet or even a writer.
      I would love to write with you if you are interested. Maybe we could set up something that would work for both out time zones. Technology is making connection across the world possible and that is pure hope.
      Love to you my blogging friend.

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      1. What a lovely suggestion Ali. You’re right in that our time zones make connections so much more accessible these days. Let me get back to you. Lots of love and hugs xx

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  1. sounds like something I’d truly be interested in Ali … but I don’t have a clue how to use zoom or skype or any of those chat things.
    I blog, email and make phone calls and that’s about the limit of my technology ability … sorry!

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    1. Louise,
      It was a joy to write with you. Even though the session was on Zoom I feel like we have really met now. Your poem is a beautiful contribution and I am grateful to share it here.
      Stay well my friend.


  2. I love how you take time to introduce other bloggers via your posts, that’s so inspiring! Writing is powerful and recently I’ve taken up journaling again, it helps a lot to channel my thoughts and feelings during these uncertain times. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day, Ali 🙂🙂🙂

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    1. Putting pen to paper or typing it out, whatever form that works for you, keep on writing. I find it is more about the process than the product. Thanks for your supportive response. May love land on you today.

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