Something you can count on – poem by Ali Grimshaw


The sky

it is never not there

will not leave a note goodbye

to disappear in the night.

Serenely blue, growl of gray

watercolored clouds a tumble

dependably ever-changing, yet

never forsaking.

When the curtain goes up at sunrise

a steadfast performance

worthy of an audience.

Don’t miss the show.

No tickets necessary.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2020


31 thoughts on “Something you can count on – poem by Ali Grimshaw

    1. Miriam,
      It is always rewarding to hear that my words spoke to you. We are all coping with uncertainty. I hope my words of love brought light to your day.
      Are you in quarantine? I am curious what it like for people in other countries.
      I will head over to your blog now. Take care.

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      1. Hi Ali, yes we’re in quarantine stage 3 restrictions. Like many countries we can go out for only four reasons, food and supplies, medical reasons, work if essential and exercise. So, I’m making the most of my hourly daily walk in nature. It’s strange times and I’m certainly missing my family and friends (and travel) but I also feel blessed with where I am and relatively at peace. Hopefully we can all come out of this with more compassion, understanding and appreciation of our earth and each other. Take care my friend. xx

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      2. Thanks for filling me in on your experience. So, we are in the same boat. Alone/Together on the planet that we all call home.
        I hope that this pause in life will provide us all with reflections that make life better as we walk into the future.

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  1. Beautiful words and beautiful photograph. We’ve been enjoying quite a few colourful sunsets and just seeing bursts of colours makes me grateful for being alive. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend 😊 Aiva

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    1. Avia,
      Your positive responses are always a boost to my day. We still have and will continue to savor the beauty of sunrise and sunset. That might make an interesting post for your to write about as a traveler, the many sunsets you have viewed in different locations. Just a thought. From across the oceans I send you wishes of care. Ali

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  2. Beautiful poem, perspective.
    I feel blessed to be self-quarantining in a single house with yard (as opposed to apartment in a big complex). It isn’t a large yard, but greater than 6 ft wide. I can and do go outdoors to reset, and always I look up, even if it’s raining. Indeed the sky is always there! This morning at 4:00am I was out photographing the rising moon.

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    1. Jazz,
      I too am grateful to be able to go out into my yard. Listening to the birds while I weed is always calming. This has got to be so much more challenging for people in crowded cities.
      I look forward to writing with you next week.
      Take care.

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