Finding Poems



The Jade Mountain listens

Voices in the air remind me

What’s worth knowing


First things first,

loving what is

blue shoes and happiness

images of the other

in the carousel of life


© Alicia Grimshaw 2020


dVerse Poets Pub Challenge – Finding Poems in Bookshelves

36 thoughts on “Finding Poems

    1. I love things like this that get us thinking and seeing our surroundings in a new way. I am contemplating other types of found poems. I hope it brought inspiration to your day. Take care.

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    1. Yes, the voices in the air could be those of our ancestors sharing with us what is worth knowing.
      Thanks for taking the time to share your reflection. I always appreciate hearing what my poems inspire in others. Take good care.


    1. It is a fun prompt to play with. I really appreciate the dVerse Poets Pub for the interesting prompts they come up with. Please share if you give it a try.
      Let the creativity flow my friend.


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