Overwhelm? Let’s Write Together

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We are unique and also the same. As I have reached out to write with others during this pandemic I continue to experience this. We are all coping. We all have emotions. We all need ways to empty out our overflowing thoughts. In my writing circles, I have noticed the fulfilling conversations, relief of writing it down and connections that bloom from shared writing spaces. I invite you to explore this for yourself. This isn’t about trying to create the perfect poem. You don’t need to be a poet or even call yourself a writer. This is about connecting as human beings.

My hope is that, by writing and reflecting together, we can learn from this unusual time, and face it with loving curiosity.

Poetry Over Panic: Writing for Renewal – May 5

Poetic Transitions: Responding with writing (series) May 6 – 27

Writing to Restore Ourselves: Poetry & Reflection Circle – May 8

One of the delights of the writing circle is hearing what others share. This piece was written during one of our recent gatherings. I appreciate Jazz letting me share it here. It is about the connecting across borders. You can find her blog here, Steps and Pauses


My thoughts hooking on others’
my words reflecting others’

Though we’re together briefly
these links extend beyond

Thoughts triggered together
expand, evolve ongoing

Four states, five women
writing together, catalysts

Each of us a key link
in a much bigger chain

©SJaeschke 2020

“I recently started writing with a group that Ali leads, Poetry Over Panic. I am not a creative writer and was wondering what I could bring to/get out of the group. I am surprised by where this takes my brain and my heart. Ali’s guidance and writing prompts are well thought out and insightful. Writing with Ali has become one of gems of my otherwise isolated life.” – Nancy

May love land on you today.




5 thoughts on “Overwhelm? Let’s Write Together

  1. What a wonderful initiative, Ali. Also so lovely of her to let you share her poetry here. I like her message there – that everyone of us, no matter how different, play a part in this world. So agree that when we do something together, we can reflect together. Shared writing spaces can be so approachable to writers especially if they need motivation to write or want some help to be accountable. I haven’t been a part of a writer’s group before, but it’s something I’ve thought about, and maybe one day I will take up on the idea if I want to challenge myself 🙂 Hope you are doing alright over there. Take care.

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    1. Great to hear from you. I love writing with others. The format I use is based on the work of John Fox. It is accessible to anyone. Let me know if you ever want to give it a try. Take good care.


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