Ripen – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

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tended affectionately
organic prizes plumped
primed by summer's passion
heat and BB King's blues
quenching warmth 
gathering of sunlit kisses
red ripe to tango 
with your tongue and mine
slip into my backyard 
delight in this tender flesh
this ready to please moment 
of this temporary season.

© Ali Grimshaw 2020 (rewrite from 2018)



28 thoughts on “Ripen – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Yeah for tagging dVerse! Thank you!
    LOVING this post…..the mixture of “organic prizes plumped primed by summer’s passion”, the blues, and the tango wrapped up into some sensuous treats for the season! 🙂 YES! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading. Thanks for hosting open link night on dVerse. I really appreciate all the contributors to this group. Enjoy the summer moments. They are precious and fleeting.


  2. Very cleverly written, Ali. I feel this poem can be interpreted in many ways: summer romance, a lovely time with someone we love or the scenes of summer. As Ann said, the joys of summer are temporary. If only they could last longer but it’s always good to experience it while we can. Hope you are enjoying your summer and take care.

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    1. Summer is never long enough for me and maybe that is what makes it so precious. My tomatoes and cucumbers are ripening. I love going out to my garden to pick fresh what I will eat for dinner. Lucky me.
      Take good care my friend.


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