topsy-turvy – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Which way out?
Down is upside down
up is not what it used to be

Which way to the familiar 
where the predictable
seemed to be real?

Which way to rise
above the untaught history
which left us blind?

Which way forward
to undo, redo, or never do
again what once we did?

What we weren't ready for
or maybe never are, 
let's help each other rise
let us begin again.

© Ali Grimshaw 2020

Writing together provides a mirror for us to process life in a safe place where we have all agreed to listen with compassion. Thank you to all of you who have written with me in the last few months. I am so very grateful to share this journey with you. I have added this new date and time to open up the invitation to others in different time zones. Let’s connect across the boarders. Stay safe my friends.


16 thoughts on “topsy-turvy – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. I believe it takes a basic sense and ability to care for one another. Until we have only parents who are cognizant of teaching compassion, I don’t believe we will be in a place where this will be the guiding principle.

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  2. “What we weren’t ready for or maybe never are, let’s help each other rise let us begin again.”
    Ali, certainly a mirror I see here and it is beautiful what I see through it.
    Such a pure and warm poem.
    Let us begin again. Wonderful. I don’t know, I’m moved and I want to say so much more but I can’t.
    I’m stunned and dumbfounded.
    Wow. wow. Wow.

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    1. Shanyu,
      This message brought tears. It is just when I start to wonder and doubt why I am sharing my poems that I get a message like yours. Thank you for hearing me and reflecting back your experience. I write to create bridges with others. It is all about being heard. Thank you for taking the time leave this gift today.
      Be well and keep shining your light.

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      1. Ali,
        I don’t know what it is, but you deserve so much more for your words. I take pleasure in writing to you. Self doubt can do bad things, but please know that I will always be awestruck by the beauty of your words. I hope that things start getting better for you. The world may be harsh, but I know that your words won’t ever let you down.
        Please please keep blessing us with those wonderful moments we get when we read from you.
        Thank you dear. Take care.
        Forever here,

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