Leap – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

She had forgotten
the gleeful falling feeling 
of freedom

what it was like to jump
on purpose,
instead of being pushed

the bold thrill of 
shoulders back, above it all
strong standing tall 

the moment when 
fear collides with aliveness
a smirk of, "just watch me,"
on her face.

She had forgotten
why jumping had
mattered to her.

© Ali Grimshaw 2020

Photo taken years back in Maui. After I wrote this I had to go searching to find this photo again. A happy memory is always worth searching for.

40 thoughts on “Leap – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. How I absolutely love this. Such a wonderful memory and those words!
    “what it was like to jump on purpose, instead of being pushed”
    Enchanting. Magic. Nostalgic.

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    1. I included the photo as promised. It is such a happy memory and happy memories are especially helpful right now.
      Thinking of you and sending a reminder to “breathe in peace, breathe out love.”

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  2. Lovely poem, Ali. I appreciate the broad perspective in your words so very much. It feels like a reminder and an invitation. I love the picture, too! How fun to find it and unearth a lovely memory!

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    1. Carrie,
      Thank you for reflecting back your thoughts. It is an invitation to leap instead of inch your way forward into the next.
      Happy memories are something we get to keep forever.
      Take care my friend.

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