Alongside the Tent – poem by Ali Grimshaw

My bare feet travel riverside down the dust talcum path. They feel the way forward while softly grounded in the fine dirt. As the bank of trees lean to shade, the river glides past, over and around rocks. Here it seems effortless for lives of birds, fish and plants to thrive together. None needing to shame or blame. Is it just my interpretation or have the living of the river ecosystem always known that there is enough for all, that everyone’s time will someday pass, that we will someday be nourishment for the next in line and there is peace in the acceptance of being a part of the changing cycle? There seems to be balance here. The kind of balance I am always seeking. As I hike up the pants, I have yet to grow into, I wonder if humans really are the more evolved species. It seems that I have so much to learn from the Osprey’s willingness to try again and the way rivers shift course without blaming the logs that have fallen to block their route. As I pack up my tent site I am already planning my return.

The river knows flow
transforming place without shame 
forgiving teacher

© Ali Grimshaw 2020

Haibun Monday, 8/31/20:Take a Hike! Join in the sharing at dVerse Poet's Pub.

34 thoughts on “Alongside the Tent – poem by Ali Grimshaw

    1. Barefoot walking is something I rarely do. I guess I have gotten too used to my protected separation of shoes. It might be a metaphor for being removed from nature. I am going to get barefoot more often before the season changes. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. A barefoot hike sounds idyllic, something I haven’t done in years, Ali. Thank goodness for places where birds, fish and plants can thrive together, where one can experience and accept the changing cycle. I couldn’t suppress a smile at the way you followed the word ‘cycle’ with the idea of ‘balance’, which conjured up a picture of a fish riding a bicycle – it’s just the way my brain works!

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  2. Love to watch Osprey glide and dive Ali. When I’d fish the mountain lakes of Oregon, and walk the Pacific Coast, they were frequent companions. This is a wonderful write, and a marvelous picture!

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