Hold on – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

I want to hold hands
sausage fingers in mine
small digits without worry
just skin to skin plain 
without any condiments

I want your fingers intertwined 
juicing out quick squeezes 
of assurance like a secret code 
shared with my first love

I long to hold on firmly 
tender like a ripe peach, 
so as not to imprint
my needs on you

I want to come together
with grape clustered acceptance
gripping without gripe
savoring a shared stem

I want to feel held 
our palms sandwiching
this day's delight 

© Ali Grimshaw 2020

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46 thoughts on “Hold on – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. I love the comfort and warmth the poem brings. The references to food are really creative and add to that rustic, homely feeling. So nostalgically moving. A hand is all we need really. A touch is enough to keep us going.

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    1. Shanyu,
      I appreciate your thoughtful reflection. It is such an honor to have someone sit with my words and truly consider what I am offering. Touch is so important. Sending you a virtual hug from one poet friend to another. Keep shining you light.

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    1. Jason,
      When I wrote this I thought it was interesting how the food connection made itself into the poem. Maybe I feel a strong relationship between the comfort of touch and the comfort that food can bring?
      I hope you got a satisfying snack.

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  2. Oh yes, Ali, holding hands is such a delight! I savoured every moment of holding my grandson’s hands the week I stayed with them. I love the metaphors and wordplay, especially ‘sausage fingers… without any condiments’ and ‘juicing out quick squeezes of assurance’. My favourite is the ‘palms sandwiching this day’s delight’, which summed up my week with Lucas. 😊

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    1. Kim,
      Somehow I missed your comment until today. I appreciate hearing the lines that you enjoyed most. Holding a child’s hand is such a delight. I have many happy memories of a small hand in mine. I am glad to hear this poem brought them forth for you.
      Take care.

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    1. I’m glad to hear that is your reaction. I love holding hands with my husband and I miss holding hands with everyone else, especially the children are used to teach. Let’s remember how much it means to us and never take holding hands for granted.❤️

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  3. This is absolutely breathtaking, Ali! ❤️ I especially love; “I long to hold on firmly tender like a ripe peach, so as not to imprint my needs on you. 🙂

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